MigoIQ is the first real-world recommendation engine. Their mission is to streamline experiences by bridging the gap between our digital and physical lives, bringing the online or mobile shopping experience into brick-and-mortar stores through machine learning.

I became a member of their development team in 2018 as a graphic designer to help push further both the brand and the products. One of my first tasks involved redesigning the company’s website.


The previous website had many problems: the information was outdated, there wasn’t any coherence between the design and the brand’s guidelines, the User Interface wasn’t appropriate for the target audience & the overall User Experience didn’t reflect the company’s ability to build great products.

In order to resolve these problems, I began by constructing a series of sketches and wireframes in order to test different experiences and flows. This exercise helped me understand were the issues were located, why the user’s weren’t engaging and why did the website felt outdated.


Build a simple yet efficient design explaining the companies resources, abilities and services, while following the brand’s style and aesthetics.

In the process of designing the website, we had the idea to expand the brand and create a new set of colors, styles & supporting elements. Therefore, I was tasked with creating a new style guide, which would become part of the brand’s guidelines.

Thank you for your time!