RibuIQ is a platform to manage disaster relief by MigoIQ. The purpose of this platform is to help the community by automating a variety of processes regarding the aftermath of a natural disaster. MigoIQ’s mission was to create a user-friendly tool that integrated advanced technologies and experiences.

The name RibuIQ derives from the word “ribu” which means: a mountain that reaches a topographic prominence of at least 1,000 meters. This discovery, along with the research done by the Development Team at MigoIQ, led me to into a path filled with many elements associated with the connections between humans, nature and technology.


Build a brand identity which reflected the product’s goals: rehabilitate the community, be transparent about the process and provide modern tools for a modern world.


Create a brand that felt familiar, while introducing elements of modern design practices and pushing boundaries.

The first step was to create a symbol that projected progress, union and prosperity. 

While designing the type, I took the decision to create a set of characters that reflected the style and intentions of the symbol. After a mixture of discussions and  iterations, the possibilities were narrowed to two choices that reflected the desired attributes.

I believe colors should be selected by their meaning in the context of the brand’s purpose. Therefore, the selection of colors in this identity derived from the research. From the greens that appeared on nature’s astonishing creations, often associated with hope, to the dark blue materials related with modern technology.

Thanks you for your time!