Rutas Pa’l Turisteo (Routes for Tourism) is an initiative by P2P Communication Group with the purpose of encouraging the community to visit the beautiful places Puerto Rico has to offer. Their intention was to present the idea to Puerto Rico Tourism Company and create a web-series, supported by social media content, to attract the youth and build an entertaining product.

Create a simple, yet efficient, brand to attract a younger audience, maintaining a connection to the puerto rican culture.

Combine the principal elements of the product: routes and culture. To do this, I used maps of the streets of Puerto Rico and classic posters by various puerto rican artists as reference. My goal was to utilize type in a creative form, like these artists did in the 50’s, while seamlessly alluding to the idea of maps and routes.

A selection of the many explorations.

The color scheme for this brand was inspired by the vibrant and colorful appearance of the cities of Puerto Rico.

This could be the route to your next vacations.

Thanks you for your time!